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Operational Rules Golf Trnava

  1. Visitors must familiarise themselves with the Operation Rules of the Golf Trnava facility (hereinafter referred to as “GTT”) and comply with them during their visit.
  2. In all areas of the GTT facility (driving range, practice greens, bunkers and golf academy), visitors must comply with all safety rules, and must not endanger others or behave in an inappropriate way that might disturb or disrupt other visitors in any way. Visitors must not move in the expected direction of another players’ game or within reach of their clubs.
  3. Prior to playing at the academy, a player must become familiar and comply with the Local Rules for the 9-Hole Academy.
  4. Visitors must comply with the instructions from a marshal as well as the facility operational staff. Visitors must respect the opening hours and are not permitted to be within the GTT premises outside of these hours.
  5. The playing areas may be only accessed by players who have paid green fees according to the applicable price list. A marshal may check anytime if the fee has been paid. Fees must be always paid prior to any game.
  6. It is forbidden to remove range balls, ball baskets and clubs that have been rented from the facility, or to place them amongst a player’s personal belongings.
  7. It is forbidden to hit a ball so that it might leave the GTT facility.
  8. For safety reasons, a player playing on the driving range must not collect any balls – even if the player is alone in the driving range.
  9. The area of the driving range reserved for coaches may only be used if unoccupied (if a coach arrives, the player must leave the area).
  10. Playing from a tee line is only permitted for players with a handicap of 54 or lower, and only from designated areas.
  11. Players must rake the bunkers after use.
  12. Smoking is prohibited in all closed and covered parts of the facility, outside designated areas.
  13. Playing or entrance to the academy is prohibited under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  14. Children under 12 may only enter under the supervision of a responsible person over the age of 18 (a parent, coach) who is responsible for their safety and will ensure that the child will not disturb other players in any way.
  15. It is prohibited to enter the playing areas with pets/animals. Dogs are, however, excluded from this prohibition. Dogs may enter if on a leash. It is strictly prohibited to take dogs to any grassed area within the facility!
  16. Visitors may not enter the facility’s sport venues wearing unsuitable clothing (e.g. swimsuits, stripped to the waist) or unsuitable footwear (shoes with metal spikes, sharp edges, heels, etc.).
  17. It is forbidden to use range balls on the putting green!
  18. Visitors are fully responsible for any and all damage they cause to health or property in the GTT facility and its surroundings.
  19. Visitors must maintain order and not drop litter in any part of the GTT facility. Empty baskets must be returned to the designated spot after use.
  20. Any visitor who materially or repeatedly violates the Operation Rules may be immediately banished from the GTT facility and/or may be prohibited from entering the GTT facility in the future.
  21. Only coaches with a valid contract with GTT may provide coaching services in the GTT facility.
  22. There is CCTV installed in the GTT facility to monitor public order, security and to detect crime. They are used pursuant to Act No. 428/2002 Coll. as amended..

Exceptions from these Operating Rules shall be granted by Golf Trnava.

These Operational Rules shall enter into force as of March 1, 2017.