OTVORENÉ - 8:00 - 19:00 | +421 908 719 529





9 holes


Monday – Friday

€ 10

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays

€ 12

18 holes


Monday – Friday

€ 15

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays

€ 17



Package of ten 18-hole games

€ 120

Unlimited games of footgolf during the 2022 season

€ 270




Opening hours are daily from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m., with the exception of golf tournaments

By phone +421 917 71 71 72

By e-mail rezervacie@golftrnava.sk

Mandatory Clothing

  • T-shirt with a collar
  • Appropriate shoes – indoor or outdoor trainers

Local Rules


Course Boundaries

  • The course boundaries are marked by white stakes (forming a line), a fence and a safety net behind hole 1.
  • An exception:  hole 3 – there is an out of bounds on the left side – as indicated by two white stakes

Movable Obstructions 

  • Stones in bunkers
  • Rakes, easily movable course furniture

Immovable Obstructions

  • Young trees supported by wooden stakes – these are subject to the rule on the prevention of damage to young trees (the ball must be picked up and dropped without penalty)
  • Plants and bushes
  • Sprinkler covers, drain covers, information boards or sign posts

Water Obstructions

  • On holes 2 and 3, marked by red stakes and a red line.

If you land on the wrong green please follow the rule on a free drop.

Please follow the dress code. Only wear approved footwear – indoor or outdoor trainers.

Please play the holes in the correct order.

All divots must be repaired, on the tees, fairways and semi-rough.

You may only play with one ball.

Playing and moving around the course is done at your own risk.

Comply with the rules of acceptable behaviour, the local rules and the rules of golf and footgolf.